Adjutant Report:

09/13/17: General Membership Meeting

Call to order at 1904 (7:04pm).

Quorum Present.

1. The Post Commander, George Barlow chaired this meeting.
    a. The Commander has presented the issue that the post faces regarding accepting donations with a 501c19 tax filing status. Adopting a tax filing status of 501c3 would make the post more available to donations.
        i. Richard Fogg made the recommendation to establish Save Our Legion as a 501c3, instead of the post. This would allow SOL to accept donations from a larger group of people, and they could make endowments to the post to contribute to post donations. Richard agreed to discuss this issue further with the board, and to report more information at the next meeting.
    b. The Commander has expressed concern over the number of vendors who have signed up for Veterans Day booths. An effort needs to be made to recruit more vendors for booths. Forward any information in regard to potential vendors to Steve Lewandowski.

2. Last month’s minutes were accepted.

3. Membership: The following individuals were accepted as new members of Post 416:
    a. Christopher Catania (Army)
    b. George Haith (Navy)
    c. Nicholas Kellett (Army)
    d. Austin Miller (Marines)
    e. Donald Thomas (Navy)
    f. Mike Degraffenreid (Navy)
    g. Ben Davee (Navy)
    h. Martin Figueroa (Marines)
    i. Kevin Popp (Navy)
    j. Tim Caulfield (Navy)
    k. Christine Cunning (Navy/Army)
    l. Mike Cisco (Army)
    m. Joseph Zemlin (Navy)

4. 1st Vice Report: Saturday dinners have been canceled again due to complications with band set ups.

5. 2nd Vice Commander’s Report:
    a. 50/50 raffle starts this meeting, and will continue every meeting moving forward. Half of the sales will be contributed to the Save Our Legion fund. Further exploration will be made into alternative fund-raising efforts. A report will be given on possible future opportunities at the next meeting.
    b. Recommends the post become a member of the San Diego military advisory council. The cost would be approximately $1200. More information will be reported next meeting.

6. Finance Report: Current on all accounts. Football season is here and bar profits should be picking up. A motion to accept the finance report was made, and the motion was passed.

7. Upcoming Events:
    a. College Football Games: September 23rd Navy vs. Cincinnati, September 30th Navy vs. Tulsa, October 7th Navy vs. Air Force
    b. Veterans Day: more information about specific events to come.
    c. San Diego Film Festival: October 4th – 8th use promotional code MILITARY15 to receive 15% off at check out.
    d. Breakfast with the CNO: September 20th at the Admiral Kidd Club.
    e. Trivia: An investigation into the addition of a trivia night is underway. Further information to be provided next meeting.

8. Post 416 Bi-Laws: The most current revision was presented for comments and suggestions.
    a. Suggestions:
        i. The member complaint process should specify who the complaint needs to be delivered too.
        ii. The member complaint process should allow for a “valid excuse” for not attending the complaint meeting, before the complaint is forfeited.
        iii. The use of the word expulsion needs to have a capital “E” to indicate that a formal process for expulsion exists, and should be followed.
        iv. A run off procedure needs to be included to address the issue of a candidate not receiving 51% of the vote.
        v. A provisional ballot should be created to address any discrepancies in the voting registry that might arise on voting day.
        vi. Ballots should be serialized, and this serialization should be recorded when the ballot is handed out, so that accountability can be established if a voting issues arises.
    b. A motion was presented to forward the suggestions to the by-law committee, for review and report next meeting. The motion was passed.

9. Member Renewals: Current renewal status is only at 40%. An effort to increase renewals needs to be made. The Adjutant will provide a list of all members who have yet to renew at the next meeting.

10. Pack 772: Cub Scout Pack 772 has added 8 new members at tonight’s recruiting meeting.

11. National Convention: The reconsideration for a Medal of Honor for Royce was the only thing presented by the CA delegation. The delegate from Iowa presented the information on our behalf, and the committee approved the motion to upgrade the medal consideration.

12. Honors and Awards: Congratulations to Tim and Matt for completing required training.


14. Members in Attendance:
    Commander: George Barlow                     Adjutant: Paul Christman
    1st Vice Commander: Robert Wilson         Finance Officer: Brady Beauchamp
    2nd Vice Commander: Matt Schillingburg  Chaplin: Tim Cronin
    Sergeant at Arms: Bill Steinauer

Joseph Spencer            John Witzmann    Caesar Luevano    Tracy Dalton
Jim Crowley                  Ken Jeters             Brillo Licari            Don Tennille
John Tyler                    Troy Van Whye      Shirley Reeves      Terry Kaltenbach
Ed Riley                        Richard Fogg         Joseph Zemlin      Mike Cisco
Mike Degraffenreid

Thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support.

Adjourn at 2031 (8:31pm).

Submitted: Paul Christman, Adjutant