Adjutant Report:

10/11/17: General Membership Meeting

Call to order at 1915 (7:15pm).

Quorum Present.

1. The Post Commander, George Barlow chaired this meeting.

    a. The newly written bi-laws will be discussed at the next meeting. The recommendations from last meeting were adopted in full.
    b. We are going to start a fundraiser to generate money for other posts so that they can sponsor Boys State and Legion Baseball. Most posts do not generate enough revenue to sponsor these programs so we will help our brother out.

2. Last month’s minutes were accepted.

3. Membership: The following individuals were accepted as new members of Post 416:
    a. Mark Smith (Army)
    b. Michael Cisco (Army)
    c. Stephen Hartsell (Air National Guard)
    d. Mark Brealey (Army)
    e. Nick Nagel (Army)
    f. Oaul Vanes (Air Force)
    g. Michael Duffy (Army)
    h. Robert Kenyon (Marines)
    i. Donald Gomez (Marines)
    j. Roy Zaletski (Navy)
    k. Kevin Rigney (Navy)
    l. Nick Zamonis (Navy)

4. 1st Vice Report
    a. The bingo license has been renewed.
    b. The Encinitas Christmas parade is December 2nd and we need to register.
    c. The Coast News is in circulation and provides a free opportunity for the post to advertise.

5. 2nd Vice Commander’s Report:
    a. The Moonlight Open Veterans Day Celebration will be at Moonlight Beach on November 11th and we still need more vendors.
    b. December 9th is the Army/Navy football game. The Commander already has $3000 pledged towards support for the event.

6. Finance Report:
    a. The bar fund is down to about $14,000 and should be near $18,000. The post revenue is down 18% year over year. Funds should increase during the fall busy season. All efforts need to be made to increase exposure of post sponsored events. Any ideas for increased free marketing campaigns should be sent to the Commander.
    b. The city will be charging $150 per vendor for the Veterans Day celebration.

7. The Finance Report was accepted

8. Upcoming Events:
    a. College Football Games: October 21st Navy vs UCF, November 2nd Navy vs Temple, November 11th Navy vs SMU
    b. Moonlight Open: November 11th Veterans Day celebration at Moonlight Beach
    c. GI Film Festival: October 21st (GIFILMFESTIVALSD.ORG)

9. SDMAC: San Diego Military Advisory Council meets once a month. A motion was made to join SDMAC, at a price of $300. The motion carried.

10. Napa fires: People are in need of basic necessities. Ed will be gathering supplies to donate to the cause. If anyone has anything to donate please contact Ed Riley.

11. District Meeting: District 22 is looking for 6 more posts to sponsor American Legion Baseball Teams.

12. Fishing Trip Raffle: Jim still has plenty of tickets for sale, and needs assistance with selling more tickets. The proceeds of the sales go towards military families in need, so that the children of these families will be able to celebrate Christmas. If you are willing to help sell tickets at the Army/Navy game please contact James Crowley.

13. Thoughts and Prayers: please keep Joe Spencer and John Tyler in your thoughts and prayers. Joe is dealing with a medical issue and John has lost a loved one. It is often the strongest among us who need the most. We love you both.

14. Members in Attendance:
    Commander: George Barlow                 Adjutant: Paul Christman
    1st Vice Commander: Robert Wilson     Finance Officer: Brady Beauchamp
    2nd Vice Commander: not present         Chaplin: Tim Cronin
    Sergeant at Arms: Bill Steinauer

    Don Gomez             John Witzmann   Caesar Luevano         Tracy Dalton
    Jim Crowley            Ken Jeters            Brillo Licari                Don Tennille     John Tyler
    Troy Van White       George Sousa      Steven Scholfield
    Ed Riley                   Joe Gonzalez       Arnold Fernandez

Thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support.

Adjourn at 2014 (8:14pm).

Submitted: Paul Christman, Adjutant