Adjutant Report:

12/13/17: General Membership Meeting
Call to order at 1904 (7:04pm).

Quorum Present.

1. The Post Commander, George Barlow chaired this meeting.
     a. There will not be a dinner event on Christmas Eve and the post will be closed on Christmas Day. The post will remain open until 1am on New Year’s Even (at the discretion of the bar staff).

2. Last month’s minutes were accepted.

3. Membership: The following individuals were accepted as new members of Post 416:
     a. Nathan Sayer (Navy)
     b. Thomas Citrano (Marines)
     c. John Sorenson (Marines)
     d. Nicholas Lourain (Marines)
     e. Mike Cava (Marines)
     f. David Johal (Navy)
     g. Zabrina Johal (Navy)
     h. Arthur Karell (Marines)
     i. Jack Edwards (Army)
     j. Aaron Ellison (Navy)
     k. John Bahr (Navy)

4. Finance Report
     a. The Army/Navy event turnout was strong. Gross revenue of nearly $20k, most of which was profit. There is $17k in the bar account, $6k in the post account, and $4k in the SOL account.
     b. There have been many private party bookings that have increased revenues. Increasing party bookings will help to keep this trend going. The 2nd Vice has agreed to reach out to the local businesses in an effort to increase party bookings.

5. The Finance Report was accepted

6. 2nd Vice Report
     a. The 2nd Vice attended the District 22 meeting. At this meeting Dr. Murphy presented a treatment for TBI, which has been accepted by District and which is being presented to National for approval. The treatment has been seen in action by the 2nd Vice and he reports that it is very affective. Fundraising efforts to support this treatment will begin soon. The 2nd Vice will provide more information about these events as they are received.
     b. There was an article published in the San Diego Union Tribune on December 14th detailing the events from the Army/Navy event.
     c. Names and email addresses from the Midway event will be forwarded to Steven to be used as contacts for SOL.

7. Steven
     a. USAA members can sign up for the Salute Your Post Giveaway, and select the post as the benefactor. This giveaway will award $20k to the post of your choice.
     b. A $500 grant was accepted by SOL.
     c. 160 new names and email addresses were collected at the Army/Navy event. These contacts will be used by SOL.
     d. The lack of a 501c3 tax filling status has prevented the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation from further involvement with SOL. The establishment of the 501c3 will be supported by National.
     f. The motion to establish the post as a 501c3 was carried.
     e. The application for the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant is being generated and ideas for the appropriation of the fund need to be created. Steven has taken a point of action to contact Domoney (architect) for recommendations.

8. Living History
     a. Stew Headley should be considered as the next presenter. The Q1 event point of contact will be the Commander, with the 2nd Vice assisting.

9. Thanksgiving Dinner
     a. Thank you Kimberly for organizing a great Thanksgiving event and dinner.

     a. All members of the post are also members of SDMAC and are encouraged to join the monthly breakfast meeting. SDMAC breakfast is the second Wednesday of every month, at the Admiral Kidd Club in Point Loma at 730am. For all of those who plan on attending please notify the Adjutant so that the information can be given to base officials to add to the base access list. For those who are retired, and carry a military ID, there is no need to be added to the base access list.

11. Private Party
     a. The paper reservation form will be reinstituted so that the booking process can be made easier.

12. Super Bowl
     a. Planning for the Super Bowl event need to start as soon as possible. Exposure should start immediately.

13. Post PA System
     a. The post PA system needs to be updated so that there are not any more embarrassing displays at events.

14. Members in Attendance:
Commander: George Barlow                     Adjutant: Paul Christman
1st Vice Commander: Robert Wilson         Finance Officer: Brady Beauchamp
2nd Vice Commander: Matt Shillingburg    Chaplin: not present
Sergeant at Arms: Bill Steinauer                 Jr Past Commander: Steven Lewandowski

Scott Marquette      Kieran Murphay     Don Tennille       John Tyler
Steven Scholfield     Tracy Dalton          Rocky Chavez

Thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support.

Adjourn at 2000 (8:00pm).
Submitted: Paul Christman, Adjutant