Commander's SITREP

2018-08-17 Commanders SITREP

With 60 days as Post Commander, we continue with great news as the 416 Strike Group forges forward and into unknown waters.

• Co-Chaired now by Matt Shillingburg and Terry Kaltenbach
      • The Post will no longer pay anymore Capital Expenses on the Post till the new Post is Built.
      • Brady is creating a 36 month Strategic "Plan of Action" Slide Deck for potential Donors
      • GoFundMe Video is in production with initial cut and edits are currently being done
      • First Fundraiser is Navy V Hawaii Game, September 1, 2018 beginning at 4:00pm at the Legion
      • Second Fundraiser is "STAR SPANGLED FASHION SHOW", September 8, 2018 6-10pm at the Veterans Museum
      • Third Fundraiser is "Happy Hour Party" at the Belly-up, September 14, 2018 5-8pm

• Revenues in the last 60 days are up and expenses are down
      • CA Lottery Machine is installed and will be up and running for sales on Monday, August 20, 2018.

      • Auxiliary 416 has fundraiser tomorrow evening at the Post and they will be helping with the Silent Auction items for the STAR SPANGLED FUNDRAISER.
      • September 8, 2018, they will be at the Annual Bingo at the San Diego Veteran Administration Hospital to give aid and comfort to our Veterans in the hospital and provide them with some BINGO entertainment. Thank You Ladies.
      • ALR have been kicking some big time butt with there fundraising efforts for the Legion.

General Membership Meeting was a great success this month as we saw more members attend.

Adjutant Scott Marquette and 1st Vice Commander Kerry Cortinas have been processing 2019 Membership Cards and putting into place procedures for Membership. Great Job Scott and Kerry.

I will continue to put out a Commander's SITREP to keep our members informed as to what your leadership is doing and where we as a Legion are going.

Respectfully Yours,

Matt Shillingburg
United States Army Retired
San Dieguito American Legion
Post 416