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Encinitas, CA 92024-3525
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Post Officers

Commander George Barlow 760-688-6961 E-Mail the Post416 Commander
1st Vice Commander Bob Wilson 858-755-8044 E-Mail the Post416 1st Vice-Commander
2nd Vice Commander Matthew Schillingburg 858-997-6632 E-Mail the Post416 2nd Vice-Commander
Adjutant Paul Christman 843-670-9841 E-Mail the Post416 Adjutant
Finance Officer Brady Beauchamp 619-455-0657 E-Mail the Post416 Finance Officer
Chaplain Tim Cronin 619-540-4921 E-Mail the Post416 Chaplain
Sergeant at Arms Bill Steinauer 760-942-5204 E-Mail the Post416 Sergeant at Arms
Jr Past Commander Steve Lewandowski 858-699-5545 E-Mail the Post416 Past Commander
Membership Paul Christman 843-670-9841 E-Mail the Post416 Membership Chairperson
Events Scheduler Kimberly St John 858-210-9557 E-Mail the Post416 Events Coordinator

Post Executive Board

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3 Year Term Terry Kaltenbach 949-351-2820
3 Year Term Steve Scholfield 619-851-2004
2 Year Term Don Tennille 760-942-7679
2 Year Term Joseph Spencer 619-994-9814
1 Year Term Peter-Rolf Ohnstad 760-809-1752
1 Year Term Shirley Reeves 760-943-1528

Auxiliary Officers

President Sondra Mote 760-753-0165
1st Vice President Shirley Reeves 760-943-1528
2nd Vice President Nancy Kiesel 760-505-9624
Secretary Cherie Denevers 760-753-8233
Treasurer Nancy Crowley 760-930-0866
Chaplain Connielou Caldwell 760-944-7350
Sergeant at Arms Toni Moore 442-245-9282
Membership Roxene McGrory 858-481-9518

Riders Officers

President John Southwell 760-413-5168
Vice-Presidemt Chuck Johnson 760-271-2544
Secretary/Treasurer Kimberly Southwell 760-413-5193
Chaplain George Barlow 760-688-6961
Historian Chuck Johnson 760-271-2544

SAL Officers

Commander Brian Brady 858-777-9751
1st Vice Commander Jon Fein 760-908-3776
2nd Vice Commander Jim Wilson 858-755-8044
Adjutant Bob Wilson 619-894-2553
Finance Officer Steve Crandall 215-791-2279
Chaplain Joran Ohnstad 760-809-1755
Sergeant at Arms Courtney Campbell N/A