5/8/19:  General Meeting


Call to order at 1814 (6:14pm).


1.      Opening Ceremony


2.      Roll Call


3.      Quorum – IS PRESENT


4.       Intro of Guests – None


5.      Previous Meeting Minutes – MOTION ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO


6.      Commander’s Report – Brought in over $15K in donations. Even coming up – Walk for the Fallen coming up May 27th. IF WE RAISE $10K WE HAVE AN ANONYMOUS DONER WHO WILL MATCH THAT NUMBER FOR THE FOUNDATION!


a.     501c3 has been continue to grow with Board and membership support


7.      Adjutant: Correspondence/Announcements/ Vote on New Members

a.      Joan Shizuru – Marines

b.     Justin Siegal – Marines

c.      Benjamin Millard – Navy

d.     Jesse Orebaugh – Navy

e.      Michael Howell – UNK

f.       Philip Giacinti – Marines

g.     Keoky DeLaPena – Navy

h.     Sarah DeLaPena - Navy

i.       Wendi Mayhugh – Navy

j.       James Woomer – Navy

k.     Jeffrey J - Navy

                                                      k.i.      MOTION TO ACCEPT NEW MEMBERS – APPROVED




                                                        l.i.      Don Tennille

                                                      l.ii.      Steve Schoefield

                                                   l.iii.      Christian Schilling

                                                    l.iv.      Rolf Ohnstad

                                                      l.v.      Kerry Cortinas

                                                    l.vi.      Matthew Shillingburg

                                                 l.vii.      Don Hern

                                               l.viii.      Steven Lewandowski

                                                    l.ix.      Scott Marquette


8.      Officers Reports:

a.      Finance (Not present, information from Rolf Bar Manager) – Had a record of over $40K of revenue in March. Exceeding $400K on an annual basis. We have come from $136 in the treasury five or so years ago to NOW! 

b.     1st Vice Commander – Sat on Veterans’ Advisory Counsel for District 79. The Guidestar Profile for the Post and Foundation and are in the top 2% on the site. As of tonight, the foundation is active and live in over 230 partner sites for fundraising!

                                                      b.i.      Announcments will be made by email and on Facebook page about the PARTNER sites

c.      2nd Vice Commander – TBD

d.     501c3 Foundation – ENTIRELY SEPARATE BOARD, ACCOUNTS, ETC from Post 416. Expect to raise a couple of million dollars to help with remodeling and an endowment fund for the community.

                                                      d.i.      We will have a REAL Veteran’s Center in this building

                                                    d.ii.      Have to be approved by the City of Encinitas. Working on putting all of the pieces in place. Will work in tandem with Exec Board and General Board

                                                 d.iii.      Bob Casey on the board raised funds for YMCA for Oceanside and is on the Foundation Board.



a.      BASEBALL – Next year we expect to have 20 – 30 teams next year.

                                                       a.i.      Post raised over $7K for the teams

                                                    a.ii.      Need Post to vote for TWO Teams to sponsor at $446 per team: MOTION PROPOSED a

a.ii.1.               Granite Hills

a.ii.2.               La Jolla Country Day


10.   Unfinished Business    

a.     Update donation button on website which was Save our Legion – 12:30pm on Saturday the 11th of May to look at changing that AND being able to port over funds from the prior account to the Foundation. Non-profit Atty is looking into feasibility of doing so.

b.     New Design of building is coming together

                                                      b.i.      Smart Building – tech wise

                                                   b.ii.      VSO Office on 2nd Floor


11.   Good of the Legion

a.      MEMORIAL DAY – Walk For the Fallen – Could become a HUGE annual fundraiser. Can walk at the event OR virtually (sign up online and a member will walk on another’s behalf).

b.     Cooking Oil giveaway in Oceanside– It was good event and gave Post 416 recognition. GAVE AWAY 220 gallons. Have 400 left.


                                                       c.i.      ON WEBSITE FOR FURTHER REVIEW

                                                    c.ii.      MOTION CARRIED

d.     Working currently on replacing AGED/RUSTED container with new Tuff Shed to help with storage and refridgeration



a.     Maria Kosiek – States posting on Facebook by Commander is illegal.

                                                       a.i.      It was taken down

                                                    a.ii.      Richard - MOTION – Table READING of BALLOTS for 24hrs until evaluation by who enforces the By Laws and oversees election procedures – CHAIR AND COMMITTEE and then announce results. IF NO INFRACTION – announce results IF INFRACTION –

a.ii.1.               MOTION SECONDED – DISCUSSION

a.ii.1.a.        Ed Grimsley – helped write By Laws and did not think there was a violation of By Laws.

                                                                                                         a.ii.1.a.i.      Terry Kaltenbach - Nothing in relationship to ETHIGS about voicing an opinion of whom to vote for

                                                                                                      a.ii.1.a.ii.      Kiernan Murphy – Facebook is a PUBLIC forum. ANYONE may post their opinions on the page. There is nothing in By Laws you cannot post something on Facebook OR Public Forum use. Post website YES.


                                                                                                    a.ii.1.a.iii.      MOTION DID NOT CARRY – Moving forward with votes

a.ii.1.b.       VOTE DECISION:

a.ii.1.b.i.1.                   COMMANDER – MATT SHILLINGBURG

a.ii.1.b.i.2.                   1st VICE – KERRY CORTINAS

a.ii.1.b.i.3.                   2nd VICE – BRITTANY SCHOOR

a.ii.1.b.i.4.                   FINANCE – BRADY BEAUCHAMP

a.ii.1.b.i.5.                   THREE YEAR – ROLF OHNSTAD


·        Closing Ceremony


Members in Attendance:


Commander: Matthew Shillingburg                               Adjutant: Scott Marquette

1st Vice Commander: Kerry Cortinas                             Finance Officer: not present

2nd Vice Commander: TBD                                                Chaplin: Tim Cronin

Sergeant at Arms: Tracy “Milo” Dalton (BALLOT CTR)     Jr Past Commander: not present


Don Tennille                       Steve Scholfield            Peter Rolf Ohnstad              

Bill Steinauer                       Robert Partlow                Ralph Bettencourt

Terry Kaltenbach (BC)      Richard Ogg                    Alan Lerchbacker

Arnold Fernandes              Troy Van Wyhe               Kiernan Murphy (Ballot Counter)

Ed Riley                                Brittany Schoor              Robert Wilson

George Sousa                    Dennis DeLillo               Sam Johnson



Thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support.


Adjourn at 1940 (7:40 pm).                 Scott Marquette, Adjutant