Adjutant Report:

2/14/18: General Membership Meeting

Call to order at 1906 (7:06pm).

Quorum Present.

1. The Post Commander, George Barlow chaired this meeting. a. The Commander received a check for $500, from Robert Cafaro and Banner Bank, in support of the Save Our Legion fund.

2. Last month’s minutes were accepted.

3. Membership: The following individuals were accepted as new members of Post 416:
    a. David Shanes (Navy)
    b. Danny Salzhandler (Air Force)
    c. Noel Tibbals (Air Force)
    d. Jeannette Cortez (Navy)
    e. John Keith (Navy)
    f. Phil Confer (Navy)
    g. Heather Confer (Navy)
    h. Ted Gildred III (Marines)

4. Finance Report
    a. The bar account has $6,500, the Rider’s account has $2,000, and the Post account has $11,300.
    b. Increased planning and execution efficiency of large events needs to be a focus, in order to increase revenues this year.
    c. The Finance Report was accepted

5. 2nd Vice Report
    a. The 2nd Vice attended the District 22 meetings and reports:
    b. Hoops for a Cause: District 22 voted to donate $22,000 to Hoops for a Cause, which helps veterans with TBI, PTSD, and other serious service related conditions. There is a video on the Post Facebook page with testimonials from veterans about the efficacy of this program. The Commander will be representing the Post at this event and is in need of sponsors for donations. 6. SOL
    a. Steven Lewandowski presented a case for himself to be hired on by the Post as a paid fundraiser for Save Our Legion. Steven has been endorsed by Don Oliphant and Dave Chapin for this position. Steven has been asked to develop a formal plan (complete with our current fundraising position, a timeline to reach our fundraising goal, and milestones that can be reach along the way) and submit it for a vote at the next meeting. A motion was raised in support of this proposal request, and the motion passed.
    b. The Finance Offer would also like to explore other options during this process. One of which would be to create a video presentation that can be linked to an online fundraising website. These options, as well as others will be considered at the next general meeting.

7. Member Services
    a. The position of Member Services Chairperson remains vacant and needs to be filled. The position is being filled by the Adjutant in the interim, and this situation needs to be changed. Please submit any recommendations for this position to the Adjutant.

8. Rolph
    a. The Riders raised $422 for American Legion Baseball at their last fundraising event.
    b. Visit the District 22 website for current information about the District and events.

9. Events
    a. Election nominations will take place at the March general meeting and the April general meeting. The election of new post officers will take place in May. Please come to the next general meeting with nominations ready for post officers.
    b. Barmuda Pub Crawl, goes from Post 416 to the Vista Post then to Escondido Post and back, is coming in February. This pub crawl will be paid for by SOL and proceeds will benefit SOL.     c. St. Patrick’s Day event at the Post on March 17th.

10. Post improvements
    a. Motions were presented to add and information board to the outside of the building, so that post information can be presented after operating hours, and to replace the member sign, due to its age and deterioration. Both motions passed.

11. Arnold Fernandez
    a. Arnold is suffering from a serious medical condition right now and is in need of your prayers and thoughts. Please honor Arnold with your focus and well wishes.

12. Members in Attendance:

    Commander: George Barlow    Adjutant: Paul Christman         1st Vice Commander: Robert Wilson
    Finance Officer: Brady Beauchamp    2nd Vice Commander: Matt Shillingburg    Chaplin: Tim Cronin
    Sergeant at Arms: Bill Steinauer    Jr Past Commander: Steven Lewandowski

    Don Tennille    Tracy Dalton    Terry Kaltenbach     Rolf Ohnstad    Don Tennile    Arnold Fernandez     Tracy “Milo” Dalton    Robert Cafaro    Bill Cavanaugh     Chuck Camarato (Dept Sgt at Arms)

Thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support.

Adjourn at 2024 (8:24pm).

Submitted: Paul Christman, Adjutant