1/8/20:  General Meeting


Call to order at 1805 (6:05 pm).


1.     Opening Ceremony


2.     Quorum - NO


3.     Minutes of Previous Meeting – HELD UNTIL RELEASED


4.     Introduction of Guests -


5.     Adjutant: Correspondence/Announcements/Report/Vote on New Members – Scott

a.     Noel Tibbles – US Army

b.     Antonio Beine  – USMC

c.      Gabriel Calvetti Jr. – USMC

d.     Joseph C. Miller – USMC

e.      Joseph Voss – Air Force

f.       Diana Hemstreet – Navy

g.     Tracy Hemstreet – USMC

h.     Cody Ryan - USMC

i.       Austin Schmid – US Army

j.       John Roseler – US Army



6.     Finance Report – NOT PRESENT


7.      Officers Reports:

a.      1st Vice Commander – NOT PRESENT


b.     2nd Vice Commander – ARMY NAVY - $3,695 was brought in with Silent Auction. We have solutions for improvement for next year.

                                                             i.      Comedy Night – January 15th

                                                           ii.      Karoke – January 29th

1.     If anyone has suggestions for events, please let me know

c.      Commander Report – Taxes have been filed. We have been able to reconcile everything with the accountant for 2018 and 2019 taxes.

                                                             i.      Receipts 2017 - $263,179 GROSS RECEIPTS

                                                           ii.      Receipts 2018 - $400,000+

                                                        iii.      Contributions and grants – 2017 - NEGATIVE $10,844

                                                         iv.      Contributions and grants for 2018 – POSITIVE $115,370

We put people in seats with community which has helped.

Rolf – Peter Ohnstad – has done an excellent job as Bar Manager and increasing the revenue for the Post.

          A 501C3 was created. The Foundation has acquired an Attorney to ensure all funds are accounted for properly for the remodeling of this building.

          ANY members are welcome to go and sit with the Accountant to review the books at any time.

          ROLF – AS OF TONIGHT we have $10,950 in the bar account. The Post account $2,067 in it. AT the meetings I feel the Foundation should provide a report for each meeting. There were expenses from the Army / Navy game which are due the Post from the Foundation. Essentially the Post is not healthy right now and needs to raise funds. The bar helps but cannot carry the Post.

          BILL – Why is it difficult to get the Financial Reports? MATT – Finance Officer has not been present since September to help the Post. BILL – It is an elected position. MATT – we will have an election in February for a new Finance Officer.

MATT – MOTION TO ACCEPT FINANCE OFFICER BRADY BEAUCHAMP’s RESIGNATION.  SECONDED – Discussion – TABLING for now until By Laws are reviewed to properly remove this Officer.

Matt – we will Post the position for 30 days and Bill will notify membership of the opening.

TRACY – we have an empty position and should VOTE on it. BILL – ByLaws do not state HOW to remove an Officer.

          Saturday 25th BBQ at 2pm – POST EVENT to raise money as we are striving to send four kids to Boys State this year. Post is sponsoring TWO BB teams.

          Planning event for Super Bowl as well to help raise money for the Post

2nd VICE COMMANDER – PUTTING TOGETHER SQUARES FOR A POOL TO RAISE FUNDS. Bartenders will be selling squares. DON TENNILLE – Normally squares are $20 but we should sell $10 and $5’s. PROPOSING - $20 a square/NO ALCOHOL SOLD and treat it like a 50/50 with $10 to the Post and $10 to the winning member. STEVE – need a flyer it is JUST squares with NO ALCOHOL and should be $25.00

          MATT - ELECTION COMMITTEE – according to By Laws, I appoint them. Tracy “Milo” Dalton will be the head of the election and Scott – Adjutant to be part of the Committee ALONG with George Sousa. We will need TELLERS and BALLOT COUNTERS.

          First round will be in February and Second round in March.


8.      Closing Ceremony



Members in Attendance:


Commander: Matt Shillingburg                         Adjutant: Scott Marquette

1st Vice Commander: NOT PRESENT                 Finance Officer: ABSENT

2nd Vice Commander: Brittany Schoor               Chaplin: ABSENT

Sergeant at Arms: Tracy MILO Dalton               Jr Past Commander: N/A


George Serhan                          Rolf Ohnstad                       Bernie Pinkiewicz                          Bill Steinauer                                  J Joseph Kitt                      Robert Henley

Don Tennille                             Robert Partlow                    Terry Kaltenbach                Lloyd Trimble                         Arnold Fernandes                George Souza                              


Meeting Adjourned at 1856 (6:56 pm).                 Scott Marquette, Adjutant