Adjutant Report:

6/13/18: General Membership Meeting

Call to order at 1809 (6:15pm).

Quorum Present.

1. The Commander, Matthew Shillingburg chaired this meeting.

2. Last month’s minutes were accepted.

3. Finance Report
    a. Average of about $20,000 per month revenue, $27,000 this past month.
    b. $650 in facility rentals
    c. Still cleaning up past expenses – Youngs owed $6,000 and now are through that inventory.
    d. ROLF has raised $5,300 for baseball
    e. POS has been revised so ALL varying associations are accounted for – Legion, SOLs, etc. $2,500 of food sales at a $900 cost
    f. ANNUAL – up $3,800
    g. July is when we start reaching out to vendors to supplement $6,000 for costs

4. SOL
    a. Brady working with Bob Wilson for accounting for funds

5. Events upcoming
    a. Riders – Fish Fry on Friday the 15th
    b. 4 th of July Party
    c. Army/Navy Game – advertise in July
    d. Veteran's Day
    e. X-Mas Party
    f. x-mas parade
    g. Chaplain – suggested to put some type of information dissemination of events – Brady and Matt suggests Mail Chimp to notify. Evite?
    h. Knock down wall between rooms in back and put tile down

6. Good of the Legion
    a. LOTTO system is being installed this month
    b. Work on Four Pillars to TAKE CARE OF VETERANS and raise funds for Legion     c. Chaplain Tim Cronin suggested a newsletter for reps/vendors to come in to talk and have the entity pay for the opportunity to speak at he Legion.
    d. Tracy – noted last year it was decided there was to be an award given to entities who sponsor the Legion but that never happened.
    e. Revamp website and make out reach better

7. Fundraising
    a. Once a quarter going to have events.
    b. We are going to reach out to alumni association, joint beerfest venture and more to be official sponsors for events

8. FLAG DAY JUNE 14 – Matt meeting reporter at 5am at post


9. Membership: The following individuals were accepted as new members of Post 416:
    c. Matthew Hohl (Marines)
    d. Cale Walsh (Marines - Active)
    e. Constantine Filipos (Marines – Active)
    f. Nicholas Losapio (Marines – Active)
    g. Ethan Hall (Marines – Active)
    h. Steven Carby (Army)
    i. Brian Pearson (Marines)
    j. Ron Sampson (Air Force)
    k. Victor Nappier (Navy)
    l. James Medford (Air Force)


    a. Three open spots on the board. New nominations coming in, election soon to follow.         1 st Vice
        2 nd Vice

11. Members in Attendance:
    Commander: Matthew Shillingburg Adjutant: Scott Marquette
    1st Vice Commander: N/A Finance Officer: Brady A. Beauchamp
    2 nd Vice Commander: N/A Chaplin: Tim Cronin
    Sergeant at Arms: Tracy “Milo” Dalton Jr Past Commander: not present

    Don Tennille Steve Scholfield Kieran Murphy
    George Sousa Arnold Fernandez Terry Kaltenbach

Thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support.

Adjourn at 1856 (6:56 pm).
Submitted: Scott Marquette, Adjutant