Adjutant Report:

1. Opening Ceremony

2. Quorum - achieved

3. Minutes of previous meeting - APPROVED

4. Introduction of Guests

5. Adjutant: Correspondence/Announcements/ Vote on New Members
     a. Brian Grana – Marines
     b. John Wells – Navy
     c. Peter Malaspina – Army
     d. Ken Laag – Air Force

6. Finance Report – Brady
     a. $26K earned YTD.
     b. Cutting costs by keeping accurate hours.
     c. $1,300 revenue from Lottery system
     d. Parties booked each weekend of October
     e. Over $4k in from the GO Fund Me video

7. Officers Reports:
     a. 1st Vice Commander
           a.i. Friday the 11th -Smiles for Freedom -
           a.ii. KUSI to help sponsor Army/Navy game
           a.iii. Donation of 50lbs of halibut – fish fry for Veterans Day
           a.iv. Xmas Parade will be on the first Saturday of December.

     b. 2nd Vice Commander
           b.i. Ruben Chato – our member – is being put up as Nominee for Veteran of the Year. First time a Native American has been nominated – Scottish Rite Center later this month.
           b.ii. Veterans Day Parade – San Diego Veterans Coalition - 2nd Vice is going to be representing Post 416 and ANY OTHERS are welcome to be in the parade with him
           b.iii. Wellness center – Korean War Veterans book in tribute is given out – Terry K. suggestes that the Post purchases the book for our Korean War Veterans.

8. Executive Board Committee Reports - PASS

9. Other Committee Reports:
     a. Post donated $1,700 to SD Film Festival for the presentation of military films.

          · “Save Our Legion” Committee Report – Terry, Matt, Brady
                Terry K in touch with accountant at National – 501.c.19 to move over to 501.c.3 but there is a set amount of $1,500 in donations– recommendation to set up separate entities.
               Matt – suggests to first go under c.3 with National and then set up on one for the Post.
               CRT? (Charitable Remainder Trust) to attract larger donors.

          · Post By-Laws Committee – Matt, Terry, John
               Terry K read changes to attendees. * Ballots available on website, further dates established* ALL contracts to be reviewed by Exec board

          · Army v Navy Game Committee – Matt, Brady,
                Not hiring outside caterer – doing in-house – EVENT BRITE
                Silent Auction for lithograph, black powder rifle and more items
                Bids out for tents and AVs

10. Commander Report
     a. Dinner for John Tyler – CA Pizza Kitchen in Solana Beach
     b. WWII Project – letter sent out for photos.
     c. Electronic Recycling for Veterans – Saturday, October 20, 2018 – Begins at 10:00am at Post 416

11. Unfinished Business
     a. Encinitas Christmas Parade, Saturday, December 1, 2018, 5:30 pm. The Post will Honor ALL WWII and Korean War Veterans with ride on truck and ceremony at the Legion
     b. Wreaths Across America. Request for $150.00 to sponsor 10 Wreaths for Miramar National Cemetery – December 15, 2018. Ceremony begins at 9:00am

12. New Business
     a. Offer a raffle for PUFL memberships
     b. Boomer – quote for new refrigerator
     c. FISH FRY FOR VETERANS DAY – discussing the night prior
     d. BILL – website will be down briefly on the 11th for updates

13. Good of the Legion - SEE ABOVE
     · Post Members that have gone to “Post Ever After”
     · Past Post Commander – 1996 & 2001 Jack Shoemaker

14. Closing Ceremony

15. Members in Attendance:
     Commander: Matthew Shillingburg          Adjutant: Scott Marquette
     1st Vice Commander: Kerry Cortinas          Finance Officer: Brady Beauchamp
     2nd Vice Commander: Joseph Zemlin          Chaplin: Tim Cronin
     Sergeant at Arms: Tracy “Milo” Dalton          Jr Past Commander: not present

     Don Tennille          Steve Scholfield          Bill Steinauer
     Arnold Fernandez          Troy Van Wyhe          John H. Witzmann
     Peter "Rolf" Ohnstad          Samuel Johnson          Bob Wilson
     Jeanne Lavake          Dennis DeLillo          Alan Serry
     Brian Grana          Don Oliphant          Jon Lazar
     Terry Kaltenbach          Alphonse Fusilier          Bruce Gaffney

We wish a thank you to all those in attendance for your presence and for your continued support!

Adjourn at 1914 (7:14 pm).

Submitted: Scott Marquette, Adjutant